Quick Facts

  • On north west coast
  • 800 meter long beach
  • Next to Koh Ma National Marine Park
  • Sunset beach
  • Best Snorkelling in Koh Phangan
  • Laid back beach area
  • Road access
  • Rooms from $12 a night
  • Best swimming in high tidal season - Nov to April
  • 5 minutes to Haad Salad (1.4 km) and Chaloklum (1.5 km)
  • 20 minutes to Thongsala
  • 35 minutes to Full Moon Party
  • Short walk to Wangsai Waterfall

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About Mae Haad

Mae Haad is one of the few remaining undiscovered gems in Koh Phangan. The beach in the north west of Koh Phangan is a relaxed and quiet beach with just a few places to stay and a handful of spots to eat and drink. It is a beach for beach lovers, families, and those who like diving and snorkeling.

The Beach

Mae Haad has a spectacular white sand beach. It is 800 meters long. At low tide you can see a sandbank that joins the beach to a small island called Koh Ma. This area is a National Marine Park, and the best place in Koh Phangan to go snorkelling. It is one of the most unspoiled beaches on Koh Phangan, and yet it is rarely busy. Although there are plenty of rooms to rent on Mae Haad beach and on the land behind the beach, the beach itself never gets crowded. It seems a million miles away from the noise and crowds of Haad Rin.

The sandbank that joins Mae Haad with Koh Ma makes a great place to spend a morning or afternoon. You have a beach on either side and the chance to swim off and see plenty of fish.

The sand spit that links Koh Ma to the mainland marks the division between the smaller north part and the longer southern part of Mae Haad beach.

Since the beach is west facing there is a wonderful sunset most evenings. The sun sets over Koh Ma creating a picturesque sunset worthy of a few photographs.

Diving and Snorkeling

Koh Ma is a shallow reef dive. The maximum depth is 25 meters, although the average depth is much less deep. It is a good place for beginners to dive as the dive is not technically tricky and there are no underwater currents to worry about.

Koh Ma attracts more people who go snorklling rather than diving. This is because Koh Ma is part of the itinerary for all the different companies offering island tours. These tours invariably give their customers an hour snorkelling at Koh Ma followed by lunch at Chaloklum or Bottle Beach. See our diving and snorkeling section for more information.

Getting to Mae Haad

Mae Haad is easily accesible by road. It is near to the popular beach locations of Haad Yao, Haad Salad and Chaloklum. The roads on the west coast of Koh Phangan are generally flat and concrete. There are a few potholes so it is advisable to pay attention to the road and not the beautiful jungle scenery. The final part of the road to Mae Haad is partly dirt and has a sharp bend. It is easy to get to Mae Haad by either rented motorbike or jeep or by taxi. To find out more about how to get to Mae Haad read our useful travel section.

Eating and Drinking

Mae Haad is a self-contained beach area. There are enough bars and restaurants in the area to mean you don't have to walk very far to find a spot for a bite to eat and a drink. There are resorts with attached restaurants on the beach as well as a couple of small beach bars.

There is an ATM machine on the main Mae Haad road. You can buy most essential items in Mae Haad. However, it is not a great place to self-cater. For a better selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat you have to go to either Chaloklum, Srithanu or further afield to the main port town of Thongsala.

Mae Haad is not a party beach. There isn't much of a nightlife. Most of the bars are shut at midnight. The bars play a variety of music - the vibe is relaxed; rather than being a beach with competing loud techno / trance DJs. Those looking for big nights in the nearby area head for Chaloklum, Haad Yao or Thongsala. The biggest parties are found in Ban Tai and Haad Rin in the south east of Koh Phangan.

To find out more about the bars and restaurants in Mae Haad check out our eating and drinking section.

Book a Room

Under 1,000 Thai Baht

Royal Orchid Resort from 400 THB
Mae Haad Cove Bungalows from 400 THB
Mae Haad View Resort from 500 THB
Mae Haad Garden Inn from 500 THB
Mae Haad Guesthouse from 790 THB
Island View Cabana from 800 THB
Wangsai Resort from 850 THB

Over 1,000 Thai Baht

Mae Haad Bay Resort from 2,300 THB

Resorts in Mae Haad

Budget - under 400 THB

Why Not Bungalows

Why Not Bungalows from 400 THB

Royal Orchid Resort

Royal Orchid Resort from 400 THB

Mae Haad Cove Bungalows

Mae Haad Cove Bungalows from 400 THB

Mid-range - under 800 THB

Mae Haad View Resort

Mae Haad View Resort from 500 THB

Mae Haad Garden Inn

Mae Haad Garden Inn from 500 THB

Mae Haad Guest House

Mae Haad Guest House from 790 THB

High-end - from 800 THB

Island View Cabana

Island View Cabana from 800 THB

Wang Sai Resort

Wang Sai Resort from 850 THB

Mae Haad Bay Resort

Mae Haad Bay Resort from 2,300 THB