Resorts in Mae Haad

Budget - under 400 THB

Why Not Bungalows

Why Not Bungalows from 400 THB

Royal Orchid Resort

Royal Orchid Resort from 400 THB

Island View Cabana

Island View Cabana from 400 THB

Mae Haad Cove Bungalows

Mae Haad Cove Bungalows from 400 THB

Mid-range - under 800 THB

Mae Haad View Resort

Mae Haad View Resort from 500 THB

Mae Haad Garden Inn

Mae Haad Garden Inn from 500 THB

Mae Haad Guest House

Mae Haad Guest House from 790 THB

High-end - over 800 THB

Wang Sai Resort

Wang Sai Resort from 850 THB

Mae Haad Bay Resort

Mae Haad Bay Resort from 2,900 THB

Koh Ma Resort


It appears the resort is closed and is available for purchase.

Koh Ma Dive Resort offers the only accommodation in Koh Ma Marine Park. It is the little island next to Mae Haad Beach. You can reach the resort by walking along the sandbank that joins the island to the mainland. It is a small resort with just 6 bungalows. The emphasis of the resort used to be on diving. Tthe resort has one of the most picturesque locations on Koh Phangan and would make a nice place to stay for a couple of nights.


There are only 6 bungalows for rent at Koh Ma Dive Resort. They are spread over the hillside of the small island just off the coast of Koh Phangan. It is a unique location for a resort. The location is much of the charm of the resort as the bungalows for rent are basic wooden Thai style affairs that are now quite a few years old.


The resort is closed.


It looks like the resort is closed and abandoned. Apparently it is for sale. We are not sure of the legality of selling land in a national park.


not open


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